Milan Image Art Fair, MIA, 23-25 ​​May 2014

It’s already time for MIA - Milan Image Art Fair, the international photography art fair conceived in Italy isnow also ready to make its debut in Asia in 2014, aiming to become an all-important reference point forphotography and art enthusiasts and collectors.

«Contrapposto» exhibition by Tayyab Tariq (Pakistan) in Moscow gallery

"Adam & Eva"

February 6th - March 13th

"Gallery 21"

Contrapposto is the state of equilibrium and peace created by opposite motions. As the evolving of urban civilization accelerates, the emergence of new forms gets more chaotic and unpredictable, and the complexity of structural relationships between their components increases rapidly. The aesthetic principle of the young Pakistani artist Tayyab Tariq is of harmonizing and synchronizing interaction between the heterogeneous objects: the form of human body sets parameters to everything; a chair is a body gesture, it is a device helping us adjust to any space, whether public or private.