ART projects support

PR campaign of any complexity and scale begins with the development of the strategy. We can help you decide which direction to move is and what exactly to do. We'll analyze and evaluate the situation and will suggest options for strategic decisions.

Strategic planning and consulting

- Analysis of the information field, monitoring of key events and facts

- Situation and Competitive Analysis

- Development of a communication strategy: goals directing, key messages, a set of measures for working with the media

- Definitions of key media and advice on interaction with them

- PR-consulting and training for company representatives

Working with the media

- Monitoring and analysis the mass media market

- Establishing and maintaining personal contacts with journalists

- Writing and sending out press releases

- Events for the press: press conferences, press lunches, briefings, etc.;

- Special Projects with mass media

- Initiating requests arranging interviews, articles and comments


- Creation and maintenance of corporate websites (based on a wide selection of templates)

- Content filling and moderation

- Engage your target audience

- Special on-line - projects: conferences, voting, polling, etc.

- Monitoring and analysis of the blogosphere

VIPs and company speakers PR

- Situation Analysis and Consulting

- Positioning strategies development

- Developing key messages and cases for media promotion

- Organizing and conducting interviews